Meyerton Gradings 👍🏼💯OSS👊🏼‼

~ April 15 to 18
~ June 12 & 13 Purple Belts and Up ONLY!
~ August 19 to 22
~ December 2 to 5 

*Please Note* Karate-Ka will only be eligible for grading if:

1– All fees are up to date. ( Registration 2019, Monthly Fees, Grading Fees)

2 – Cost: Grading fee R400.00 per Karate-Ka.

3 – The grading fee must be paid a week in advance in cash to Sensei Riaan.

Venue: The grading takes place at the respective Dojo’s
Vereeniging (Monday)
17h30 to 18H00 White belts
18h00 to 20h00 Yellow and Orange belts
Meyerton (Tuesday)
17h30 to 18H00 White belts
18h00 to 20h30 Yellow and Orange belts
Vereeniging (Wednesday)
17h30 to 20h30 Green to Brown belts
Meyerton (Thursday)
17h30 to 20h30 Green to Brown
Please note:

  1. Should there be any fees outstanding the karate-ka will not receive their belt, certificate and grading evaluation (grey sticker proof of grade in blue book).
  2. Grading fee includes the new Belt and Certificate.
  3. Belts and Certificates will be handed out in the beginning of 2019
  4. NO Parents will be allowed to spectate or be in the hall during grading, this is the only day we ask this of our parents. This is an exam for our children and we do not want any distractions.

👍🏼💯OSS👊🏼‼Good Luck and Enjoy.

***ALL Dates AND Times are SUBJECT TO CHANGE***