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NHK Church Hall, 24 Holiday St, Meyerton, 1961

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Sensei Riaan La Grange - 082 569 9706


Monday / Wednesday

Combat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

18h00 – 18h30    Tiny Titans Bullyproof BJJ (5 to 7 years)

18h00 – 18h45    Combat BJJ Juniors (8 to 11 years)

18h45 – 19h45    Combat BJJ Intermediate (12 years & Up)

19h45 – 20h45   Combat BJJ Advance  (Technique / Sparring – White Belt 4 Stripes & Up) (Mondays ~ Gi) (Wednesday ~ No Gi)

Tuesday / Thursday

JKA Karate

17h30 – 18h00   New Beginners, White Belts.(All Ages)

18h00 – 18h45   Yellow, Orange & Green Belts. (All Ages)

18h45 – 20h00   Blue to Black Belts. (All Ages)


JKA Karate / Combat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

16h15 to 17h00
Junior Karate
(Orange, Green and Blue Belts)

17h00 to 18h00
Senior Karate
(All Kyu Belts and Purple to Black)

18h00 to 19h00
Combat BJJ 12 years and up